Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Know Your Rights Project: Creating a Fact Sheet

LGBT Housing Rights Campaign: Creating a Fact Sheet

We’re creating an LGBT Housing Rights Fact Sheet for our new Know Your Rights Campaign. Please help as we collect info for the four parts of the two-page KYR Fact Sheet. The target parties for all KYR Fact Sheets are "potential victims of discrimination" and "potential violators of the law."


Starting us off, please answer the following:

What does each party need to basically know?

This first section contains background information on the KYR Fact Sheet matter. The goal for this section is to provide the full but short details to a new person with no previous knowledge of the facts. It is like an elevator speech. It should be aimed primarily at: potential victims of a violation and a potential perpetrator of a violation. Full background on the issue of discrimination and LGBT housing rights that fit a half page.
Next steps to come on this Fact Sheet development project:
1) Top violations for LGBT housing rights
2) Basic immediate steps to file a complaint and seek help
3) Basic Contact Information of Key Fact Sheet Allies & Primary Commissions
Then, creating the KYR Outreach Campaign (watch for details)

For more information about the new Know Your Rights Campaign, please contact the Office of Somerville Commissions at 617-625-6600 (x2406) or send an email to commissions@somervillema.gov.

The Office of Somerville Commissions is a program of the City of Somerville's Health Department. 

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