Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What is the #1 Struggle Women Face Now

Art Beat 2013 results from asking passers-by at the Commission for Women's booth

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What is the #1 Struggle Women Face Now?

Lack of access to education

Lack of female decisions makers

Body Shaming

High/unrealistic expectations

Women judging each other and fighting instead of supporting each other

Being objective in advertising

Finding a job to support my family

Women with kids disadvantaged in work place

Getting better jobs



We still don't have full control over what we do with our bodies and insurance discrimination

Conservative assholes taking away our rights

Not enough women in science, technology, engineering and math


Affordable child care

Stupid men

Cost of housing

Being sexualized




Income inequality

Sexual violence

Gaining respect

Being considered less equal than men


Grant longer paid maternity leave with job guaranteed upon return

Control of our bodies and emotions

Male republican governors attacking women's rights

Rape is our fault

That feminism will help everyone

Our voices are still being silenced

More women in government

Being thought as more then just a female

Mom vs. job. can we do it all?

Periods or cramps

Undervalued as parts of our society and government

Knowing their power

People making decisions for us

Buying using tampons/pads


Having no support for men as a single mom and raping


U.S supreme court

Slut Shaming

Feminism is a "bad" word

Having to look like a Barbie doll

Being judged by what we wear

The glass ceiling

Women in Fla serving 20 years for shooting abusive husband

Join the next Somerville Commission for Women meeting on August 21 at 7:00pm at the Cross Street Center (165 Broadway).  

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