Saturday, December 14, 2013

Shoveling for Somerville

It Takes a Village to make a city a home.

Want to be more engaged in Somerville's Village?  There are many ways we in Somerville show our pride through giving, sharing or building strong connections. 

We can help make our day-to-day routine have more meaning and build stronger neighborhoods by participating more.

Here are some ideas for making your neighborhood great:

  •       Surprise someone you know who has a hard time shoveling by doing their whole walk (bennies for you: exercise bonus and warmed cockles in your heart).
  •       Sign up to be a Shoveling Volunteer with SomerServe to help us connect seniors and people with disabilities with help (bennies for you: knowing you did a good deed).
  •       Dig out a hydrant so it's completely clear from the street through to the sidewalk (bennies for you: your home and your neighbor's homes are safer).
  •       Keep a shovel for you and your neighbors to share to clear the sidewalk, dig out a car, or push out the edges after the snowplow comes by (bennies for you: you can take pride in being helpful and prepared).
  •       One day each winter take your shovel and go door-to-door to help out with clearing walks (bennies for you: get to know your neighbors).
  •       Do an exchange by helping your neighbor or landlord clear their walk and driveway in exchange for parking your car in the driveway (bennies for you: prime real estate for your car).
  •       Organize a team of friends, family, neighbors or members of your religious center to shovel out seniors and people with disabilities (bennies for you: bonding with great people).

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