Monday, September 30, 2013

Where to go when you're concerned about safety

Where can we go?
Where to go to learn how to help when a family member, a teen, neighbor, co-worker, or someone else close to us is struggling in a relationship with signs of abuse with money or technology control or destruction,  physical or sexual reports, or verbally cruelty?

Join Us for Awareness
This week the Somerville Commission for Women will join with the Mayor of Somerville, Chief of Police, elected officials, anti-violence agencies, Somerville Fire and Cataldo, and commissioners to remember all the lives lost and impacted by domestic violence on Wednesday Oct 2 from 6-7:30 pm at the Public Safety Building (220 Washington Street, Union Square).

The Commission for Women's mission includes prevention and raising awareness of violence.  Some key ways the commission raises awareness are the annual Candlelight Vigil, holding events like the upcoming Muslim & Arab Community Panel on Domestic Violence Data, and organizing resources for families to reach out to when they have someone in their family they are worried about or they have a partner or spouse who is abusive.

More events, resources and opportunities to join the effort at

Online Resources for Our Community
We have different resources for people to use to help identify if they are in an abusive relationship and where to turn for help.  
When you want to learn more, here are a few websites you can check out (and they have phone lines to call, too):


Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence

MA Alliance for Portuguese Speakers

The Network/La Red

Directory of Anti-Violence Service Providers

Phone for Support or Questions
You can also call the agencies for emergency help, answering questions, finding out more information, or learning about signs of abuse.  The below resources often offer in-office appointments too.

RESPOND Hotline 

SafeLink Hotline 

Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence Helpline

MA Alliance for Portuguese Speakers
Program info available 617-864-7600

The Network/La Red Hotline
617-742-4911 (voice) or 617-227-4911 (TTY)

We encourage you to reach out for more information and support.  The above support and emergency shelter agencies have a lot of experience, connections, and resources.  Call them, look them up online, make an appointment to visit them.   The list we provided is a place to start. Check out the Directory for more resources.  We are lucky to have many places we can turn to.

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