Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Second Annual LGBT Halloween Skate Night

Last year, we started a tradition in Somerville with the LGBT Halloween Skate Night. LGBT folks and allies of all ages took over the Veterans Memorial Rink on Somerville Ave.

There were a lot of us.

There were kids. These kids were very good at skating. You can tell because they came prepared with helmets.

There were adults dressed as kids. Specifically, dressed as the kids from the Magic School Bus. They were not as good at skating as the real kids.

Someone dressed as pregnant Beyonce. (I love Somerville.)

So why am I telling you about an event that happened almost a year ago? Because it's happening again, but this time, bigger and better. Tell your friends.

Saturday, October 26th
8-10 PM
Veterans Memorial Rink at 570 Somerville Ave.
$10, free skate rental
If you want your own skates, you can get 10% off ice skates at Play it Again Sports in Stoneham if you mention this event.
For more information: call me 617-625-6600 x2400 or call 311.

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